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I’m Annamaria, founder of Fab Wmn, a boundary coach, a wellbeing creator, an autoimmune warrior, a mental health advocate, an introvert (INFJ) and a former interior designer.

My passion is to help women re-connect with their authentic Self so they can set healthy & kind boundaries in their life and business.


Having had my fair share of people pleasing, depression and doing everything for everyone, I know a lot about struggle, feeling stressed and losing sight of myself.


"I don't care" to soulful  boundaries...

I spent my twenties navigating between burn out, mental health issues and adjusting to a chronic condition. I was freelancing for multiply companies at the same time, maintaining a blog and trying to please everyone in my life. Thinking of my priority list back then I wasn't even in the top 5 on my very own list.

Looking back at those years I can clearly see the lack of any kind of boundaries, and the moment I hit my low point. I was on my way to a meeting, already drained and anxious before the day had even started, buried in doubts, lack of self esteem and self sabotage. 

Standing on the tube I could feel there's yet another panic attack sneaking upon me. Somehow I got out at Leicester square, went up the escalator and asked the first underground staff for help. They took me into that little information room in the middle of the station and called an ambulance. By the time they arrived I already felt better but they still took me to the hospital, where I spent another seven hours being examined, tested and waiting for results. 

When I finally got home I decided it was enough. I had enough. I was ready to create some change, re-discover & care for myself to improve my life, my business and to own who I was. Of course, I had no idea where to start and my mind was full of scary thoughts. What will others think of me if I say NO to them because my energy level is low? Will they think less of me if I prioritise myself? What if they don't want to work with me anymore? Will I lose money and clients? I was so afraid of change, but I was more afraid of staying stuck where I was.

Fast-forward a decade, after years of therapy, CBT, lifestyle changes, coaching and constantly looking for ways of creating more wellbeing here I am helping women to set soulful boundaries and to make more magic happen.

Boundaries are not a luxury but a necessity...

One of my most empowering experiences along the road was the power of my mindset and my boundaries - an extraordinary way of fine tuning your potential and expressing your values, needs while becoming a stronger and more confident version of yourself.

Once you connect to your authentic self, you're about to start creating a soulful impact and a better life filled with wellbeing, abundance and balance. And if in doubt, healthy boundaries are not selfish or rude. They are all about honouring yourself, loving who you already are, showing up for yourself just as you show up for others. It is beautiful and sexy to express yourself, to be a fierce woman and entrepreneur. It is also super essential - after all how could you serve your clients and invest energy in your life & business, if you don't create abundance & love for yourself in the first place.

On my coaching journey I've accompanied and worked with numerous fabulous women. What they all shared was stress, overwhelm, and the fear of saying NO to bullshit, but most importantly the desire to connect with their inner self, say YES to what matters and become an authentic entrepreneur.

I'm a 100% here for you, believing in you and committed to your journey. ARE YOU?

Find out if we are meant to be...