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A 4-week online immersive group program to understand the people pleaser within you, connect to your authentic self, and learn how to set soulful boundaries 

How would it feel to...

Reclaim your power and gain clarity on your self-worth?

Be more authentic and in flow?

Have an empowering mindset that enables you

to move beyond people pleasing with ease?

Know how to say a kind NO and what to say a magical YES to?





Too often I hear women complain they don't say NO because they don't want to come across unkind. Many of them also believe slowing down to recharge is a waste of time.

As a creative woman and soulful boundary coach I know from my own life experiences and see it on my clients' journeys, how much we overstretch ourselves while not holding space for our own mind, body and spirit. We tend to think that pleasing everyone is the only way to be loved and to support others, and we lack the strength or energy to set healthy boundaries.

This 4-week online group program has been created to support your authentic transformation beyond people pleasing, and to give you tools, practises and the magic of women rising together.

CHOOSING YOU includes:

During the 4 weeks we will connect live every Thursday evening on Zoom, where I will be sharing my experiences, tools and wisdom about recovering from people pleasing, transforming the mindset and setting soulful boundaries. You will also have the opportunity to ask me questions and be coached on the call.

  • 4 x 90 min live Zoom group sessions with Q&A

  • Audio session recordings in case you couldn't attend the live sessions

  • An insightful workbook full of guidance and journal prompts to guide you deeper

  • Access to a private FB group to connect & bond even more

  • Each week will give you a ritual to deepen your connection with your true self, a habit to cultivate and a practical tool to support your transformation


  • 1x guided mediation session to connect with your authentic self

  • 1x tapping (EFT) session to change your energy into a more positive direction

  • Magical affirmation set to create an empowering mindset

The program starts on 19th November 2020 and will unfold throughout the following four weeks:

19th November 2020 - from 7pm

26th November 2020 - from 7pm

3rd December 2020 - from 7pm

10th December 2020 - from 7pm

WEEK 1 - Your mindset

Everything comes down to your mindset and the stories that are holding you back. We will identify and shift your fears around setting soulful boundaries and explore what keeps you stuck in people pleasing.

I will be showing you how to work with these fears and move beyond them.

WEEK 2 - People Pleasing

Reclaim your power by understanding how you are giving it away and what you can do about it. The second week is about becoming aware of our triggers and revealing some of the myths about people pleasing. I will share my tools and practises to help you move on.

WEEK 3 - Your vision

This week is all about your highest vision of yourself and how to start embodying her. We'll explore your values, what you stand for and what your life could be like in alignment with your true authentic self.

It's about gaining clarity and opening up to the intention of choosing yourself.

WEEK 4 - Soulful boundaries

It starts with you, and how you treat yourself. This week will hold the space for you to take stock of your habits and life choices.

Once you are standing strong in your power and have a good sense of yourself, you are ready to set soulful boundaries with others that will last. 

You will learn some practical tools and create a roadmap to move beyond people pleasing.


"There are no words for how beautiful our session was. I have never experienced coaching before and I am just blown away by the work you do. "


"I would recommend Annamaria to anyone who wants to become a better version of themselves."


"I feel much more confident, and feel I now have an armour of knowledge and motivation to carry on moving forward."


"Annamaria has an approach like no other. Together we have worked through my limiting beliefs – which has been amazing!"


CHOOSING YOU is for you if

you identify as a people pleaser and...

  • you want to move beyond it but don't know where to start
  • you want to know how to serve in a more authentic way
  • you are ready to connect with your true self and ditch the version you think you should be
  • you enjoy being in a community of like-minded women with soulful intentions
  • you are ready to CHOOSE YOU

Hi, I'm Annamaria

Being a recovering people pleaser myself, I know how scary it can be to step out from our comfort zone and set healthy boundaries.

Growing up I never learned about healthy boundaries. I was sexually assaulted, emotionally manipulated and bullied, so by the time I hit my twenties I had become very very good at people pleasing.

Constantly giving away my time, energy, all I had, all I was, all my power, just to find myself drained and still left out, resenting the people I was giving so much to.

Does this sound familiar?

I was so afraid of change, but I was honestly more afraid of staying where I was. As I look back, I realise ditching people pleasing started with choosing myself. And from that point, my life started to improve.

It starts by choosing ourselves. It always starts with that. The almighty of all soulful boundaries, the Goddess of boundaries is the one that we set with ourselves in the first place. By setting an inner boundary between our own bullshit and our juicy potential. Saying NO to people pleasing and YES to ourselves. To our authentic self. To our truth.


Join me in this 4-week online group program to create some magic in your life,

and to learn how you - like I did, too can move beyond people pleasing!

CHOOSING YOU is an online program so you can be a part of it from wherever you are in the world.

You will also have access to all recordings and live sessions enabling you to take it as slow as it feels right.


CHOOSING YOU is now available for £129.00

Offer is available until 12th November 2020

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