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Hey sister! I'm Annamaria

Recovering "good girl", a coach for mamas, wellbeing creator, autoimmune warrior, 6.2 Generator and a former interior designer.

I'm here to dissolve unhealthy boundaries and limiting narratives, to create flow instead of force, and to lead not by telling but by embodying my truth.

The magic that drives me is surrendering to my authentic self and helping other women do the same, and reconnect with cyclical life, themselves and each other. ​

In this sacred service I combine my life experiences with coaching qualifications and Human Design, while balancing the masculine with the feminine, practical with spiritual.

My journey started

from within

Growing up I never learned about healthy boundaries or that my voice mattered. I was sexually assaulted, manipulated, emotionally abused, so by the time I hit my twenties I had become exceptional in being a "good girl". Then I spent my twenties navigating between burn outs, mental health issues and adjusting to a life changing chronic condition.

Constantly giving away my time, energy, all I had, all I was, all my power, just to find myself drained and still left out, not listened to or considered. I so desperately needed to be needed, while I had no idea about my own true needs and desires. Thinking of my priority list back then I wasn't even in the top five on my very own list.

Does this sound familiar?

My intention for sharing this story with you is to spark some curiosity.

Curiosity in you, for YOU to explore what Inner Power and healthy boundaries could do for you.

How you could use your inherent nature and create something amazing for yourself beyond what the world or cultural conditioning pressure you to do.

Curiosity to find out how much you could also transform your life, your relationships and even your business with your unique magic.

FAB WMN 6.jpg

It's the darkest before the dawn...

It was in 2007, when my whole transformation started after I'd hit the not so glorious rock bottom.

I was in a suffocating relationship seeing no way out, I had just received my first university degree – studying guess what – something that was chosen for me and I only went along with it to please my father. My job was a joke, and my lifestyle was really not serving me, leading to depression, panic attacks, anxiety and a chronic condition.

I was a version of myself that had been created by internalised expectations, pressure, ways of how I had believed I should have been, behave, talk, even walk.

Healthy boundaries are not a luxury but a necessity...

From "I don't care" to
inner power...

When I finally decided that I had enough, change didn't come overnight, but the intention (or at least the spark of it) appeared.  

I was ready to create some change, re-connect with myself, to improve my life, and to find out who I was beyond the "good girl" archetype.


Of course, I had no idea where to start and my mind was full of scary thoughts:

"What will others think of me if I say NO to them?

Will they think less of me if I prioritise myself?

What if they don't want to work with me anymore?

Will I lose money and clients?

Will I loose my friends?"


I was so afraid of change, but I was honestly more afraid of staying where I was.

Because it was leading nowhere.

I was living in a black or white world.

And I suddenly had this calling to discover the spectrum in between, the "what if there's more to life than this?"


Now as I look back, I realise ditching people pleasing started with choosing myself.

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FAB WMN 11.jpg

Flow over force

From that point, my life started to improve.

My health started to improve.

I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy.

And it is still not finished.

In fact, I believe it’s a process for life - after all, we are cyclical beings with ebbs and flows, inner seasons and it's only natural to go through life in cycles of learnings and integrations.


And it starts by choosing ourselves.

It always starts with that.

The almighty of all soulful boundaries, the Goddess of boundaries is the one that we set with ourselves in the first place.

By setting an inner boundary between our scarcity narratives and our juicy true self.

Saying NO to p"shoulds" and "musts" and YES to ourselves.

To our authentic self.

To our truth.

YES to our magical Inner Power.

My mission is

to dance with life...

... and this is your invitation to dance with me! I'm here to play and create and love the moment for what it brings. I'm here to embody my wholeness, the light and the dark and everything in between, to lead with integrity and compassion and to embrace the abundance of life. 

That is the energy I intend to serve from and to channel when I show up for you!

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My core values are









What I believe in  for you

You are magic! That's a given, there's no doubt about that.

You are also the expert in your own life, needs and desires. You are the only one who knows what's best for you.

I trust that you are more than capable of making decisions for yourself and that you possess infinite Inner Power within you to decide what you want, who you truly are and what kind of iconic life you desire to live.

And I believe that you can create it!

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    Are you ready?    

It's time to let go of the good girl narrative and embrace your magical wholeness and embody the FAB WMN you truly are...

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