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How would it feel to...

Have a stronger sense of yourself?

Reclaim your time & energy?

Be less overwhelmed and more in flow?

Be more confident and assertive?

Know how to say a kind NO without guilt and what to say a magical YES to?



Too often I hear women complain they don't say NO to enquiries beyond their physical and emotional recourses because they lack the confidence and feel guilty about not giving their all.

As a creative woman and soulful boundary coach I know from my own life experiences and see it on my clients' journeys, how much we overstretch ourselves while not holding space for our own mind, body and spirit. We tend to think that pleasing everyone is the only way to be loved and to support others, and we lack the strength or energy to set healthy boundaries. In my case, this has cost me both my physical and mental health. How about you? 

The intention of these workshops is not to “fake it till’ you make it”. It’s about understanding your confidence, and learn practical tools you can use despite your fears to improve your sense of self-worth so that you can speak your truth and create a life full of energy and alignment.

This series has been created to ignite your authentic transformation beyond people pleasing, and to support you through the magic of women rising together.

The Confident Boundaries series is for you if you:

  • identify as a people pleaser and/or introvert

  • are afraid of setting boundaries

  • lack confidence to speak your truth

  • want to reclaim your time & energy

  • want to be more connected - to yourself and your loved ones

  • are ready to ditch the version you think you should be

What you'll get:

  • 2 x 90 min teachings and Q&A with me

  • Session recordings

  • Access to a private FB group to connect between sessions

  • My Confident Boundaries toolkit

  • A journaling workbook

  • Magical affirmation set to create an empowering mindset


The practicalities:

Part 1 - 5th June 2021


We will explore some of the myths about boundaries and confidence, create a vision for yourself that aligns with your values and needs, touch on your fears and learn about what you can do to boost your confidence.

Part 2 - 12th June 2021


This session is all about the Confidence Kit, bringing mind and body together, offering you practises and tools for strengthening your confidence muscle, so that you can create kind and healthy boundaries in life and business.

FB Group between sessions

A safe space to connect and share even more, ask questions and get some extra guidance.

You will have access to the recordings, so even if you already have plans for these days,

you can still participate.

We will meet on Zoom



is now available for £70

Offer ends on 3rd June 2021