Soulful boundary coaching is for you if...

  • You think you are not good enough

  • You take on too much too often

  • You feel overwhelmed a lot

  • Your mind chatter is beating you up

  • You put others first just to find yourself drained

  • You are a people pleaser and feel guilty for saying NO

  • You keep avoiding conflict and fear rejection

  • You lost connection with your true self


  • You want more clarity and confidence

  • You want to make better choices for yourself

  • You want to improve the quality of your business & life

  • You want better stress & time management

  • You want to connect your mind, body & spirit

  • You want harmony between your business and life 

  • You're willing to explore and change your limiting beliefs

  • You are ready to invest time & energy in yourself


Hi, I am Annamaria,

a Soulful Boundary Coach &

the founder of FAB WMN

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I help creative female entrepreneurs build an empowering mindset with soulful boundaries so they can embody their authentic self and cultivate a successful business. I work with women who feel disconnected from their Higher Self and stuck in a loop of overwhelm and "shoulds" and who are ready to make a commitment and change this.

My part in your story is to facilitate YOUR discovery of who you are and what you want to create for yourself and your fabulous business.


I do this with a holistic approach by helping you explore your values, masculine & feminine energies, identifying & releasing fears that have been blocking you, and improving your mindset along with your inner & outer boundaries.


Helping creative fempreneurs move beyond people pleasing and set soulful boundaries 

 for an authentic self and business

What my clients are saying

"Coaching helped me more than I thought it would to begin with. Some moments were quite enlightening for me, just having Annamaria to bounce my thoughts off and her relaying it back to me made me see things that I couldn’t see on my own. It always felt like my personal time for me, and that Annamaria was purely there for me in a positive way.”

- Lucy, Wedding Photographer & Interior Designer -


Having coaching sessions with Annamaria has me to put into perspective some of the negative behaviours I was allowing to rule my day-to-day life and stopping me from moving forward with my career and my personal development. She allowed me to reach my own conclusions on what behaviours I needed to change and guided me to find solutions that would actually work, and be reasonable adjustments, allowing them to become permanent fixtures in my life.” 

- Tabetha, Website Designer -

Annamaria's sessions were really, really insightful. She's gentle, but guiding - not guiding you to any particular answer, but just to learn more about yourself and find the answers from where it matters - yourself! It definitely made me look at aspects of my life - which I've mulled over for years - with a fresh perspective, and with that more clarity.”

- Ellie, Badge creator, Podcast Host - 


Find out if we are meant to be

Ways to experience my vibe

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Beyond People Pleasing

Join this FB group for tips, exercises and for the Friday lives at 1pm, when I explore topics on boundaries and answer your questions.

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I offer 4 or 8-month long packages focusing entirely on you, your needs and your magical boundaries.

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7 Days of soulful boundaries

An online sisterhood to explore the 7 steps on the path towards soulful boundaries.

Between 15-21 February 2021

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