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Embody the Fierce, Authentic and Balanced woman you truly are


release the pressure and guilt of being a "good girl".

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hello beautiful soul

I'm Annamaria

A warm welcome from my heart to yours. 

It is not a coincidence that you have arrived here, your inner wisdom guided you.

Your intuition whispered and you listened. That's already your fabulous first step.

You arriving here means that you are curious and perhaps want some change.

You want some change in how you treat yourself and how others treat you. 

You want some change in how you manage your time and energy. 

You want some change in how you feel, how you think of yourself and the world.

You want some change in how you are being a woman.

I'm here to help you create that change from "Good Girl"

to a Fearless, Authentic and Balanced woman by guiding you through your Human Design, showing you how to use the power of your Feminine and how to say a liberating NO and what to say a magical YES to.

how we can work together


for you or your baba

Human Design is a map of your inherent nature, showing you how to be authentic, how to make aligned decisions and how to navigate through life in flow. 

It helps you unlearn "shoulds" and create more compassionate relationships, ways of being and parenting.

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for your team

Help your team members feel and perform better in a healthy and compassionate environment by creating a culture that values and facilitates self care, healthy boundaries and flow over force.


for you

Explore who you are without the world telling you who to be and step into your Inner Power, creating a life and business in flow with a nourished foundation and sustained energy.

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White Sand and Stone

Lucy Noble, Photographer

"Coaching helped me more than I thought it would to begin with. Some moments were quite enlightening for me, just having Annamaria to bounce my thoughts off and her relaying it back to me made me see things that I couldn’t see on my own. It always felt like my personal time for me, and that Annamaria was purely there for me in a positive way.”

Rebecca Lazarou, Plant Scientist

Working with Annamaria has been one of the best investments I have ever made. These past few years I have been stuck in a horrible loop of burnout, exhaustion, and suffering immensely. I simply could not be the woman I wanted to be very often.

In just 3 months this has changed dramatically. I have adopted a new more aligned philosophy and way of living that makes me feel like I can both achieve all of my (huge) ambitions but also live a lovely and balanced life.

Annamaria has been a fundamental catalyst for this change, able to see my blind spots and nurture my empowerment. I finally feel like I can sustain my strength, and I feel free.

Henna Bakhshi, Artist

Annamaria is such a warm, calm person that I felt instantly at ease and her energy creates a beautiful space for exploring something new. I felt so connected to her and the process at the time. 

The reading itself was spookily accurate! I took away some really practical tools but most importantly, a sense of peace and acceptance from realising that there is nothing wrong with my approach to life and how I respond to the world around me.

I’ve been on a journey to understand myself better and this reading really helped with that. I will definitely be going back for a deeper dive with Annamaria.

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