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A warm welcome from my heart to yours.

It is not a coincidence that you have arrived here, your inner wisdom guided you.

Your intuition whispered and you listened. That's already your fabulous first step.

You arriving here means that you are curious and perhaps want some change.

You want some change in how you treat yourself and how others treat you. 

You want some change in how you manage your time and energy. 

You want some change in how you feel, how you think of yourself and the world.

You want some change in how you are being as a woman.

I'm here to help you create that change by guiding you through dismantling conditioning, showing you how to use the power of your menstrual (or the Moon) cycle and how to say a liberating NO and what to say a magical YES to.

Does the below resonate with you?

  • You think you are not good enough

  • You don't feel confident to speak up, voice your truth

  • You take on too much too often

  • You feel overwhelmed a lot

  • You're constantly criticizing yourself

  • You put others first just to find yourself drained

  • You feel guilty for saying NO


  • You keep avoiding conflict and fear rejection

  • You lost connection with your true self

  • You align your worth with your "productivity"

  • You're trying to be everything to everyone

  • You believe you "should" be and act in a certain way

  • You are out of touch with your emotions


Hi, I'm Annamaria...

I help women build an empowering mindset with soulful boundaries so they can embody their authentic self and cultivate a successful life. I work with women who feel disconnected and stuck in a loop of overwhelm and "shoulds" and who are ready to make a commitment and change this.

My part in your story is to facilitate YOUR discovery of who you are (without the world telling you who to be) and what you want to create for yourself and your fabulous life.


I do this with a holistic approach by helping you explore your values and boundary leaks, identifying & releasing fears that have been blocking you, improving your mind & bodyset, and teaching you how you can empower yourself by aligning your lifestyle with your menstrual wisdom and/or the lunar cycle.

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Coaching with me is for YOU if...


You want to get unstuck


You want to dream bigger and then make that a reality


You are ready to face your fears

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You want to be more confident


You want to be free of "shoulds" & conditioning

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You are willing to change

Find out if we are meant to be