Helping female entrepreneurs stop people pleasing and set healthy boundaries 

 in order to thrive in business and life

Boundary coaching is for you if...

  • You think you are not good enough

  • You take on too much too often

  • You feel stressed and pressured a lot

  • Your mind chatter is critical and holding you back

  • You put others first just to find yourself drained

  • You cannot make decisions easy

  • You want harmony between your business and life

  • You want to attract the right clients


  • You want more clarity and confidence

  • You want to make better choices for yourself

  • You want to improve the quality of your business & life

  • You want better stress & time management

  • You want to be able to stand up for yourself more

  • You keep avoiding conflict and fear rejection

  • You're willing to explore and change your limiting beliefs

  • You are ready to invest time & energy in yourself


Hi, I am Annamaria...

... a boundary coach & the founder of Fab Wmn,

helping female freelancers to re-connect with their inner self by setting healthy & kind boundaries resulting in less stress and more fullfilling lives.

My calling is to facilitate YOUR discovery of self sabotage and turn it into healthy boundaries and an empowering mindset that creates wellbeing.


I do this with a holistic approach by helping you to explore your current boundaries, stress triggers and responses, your mindset, fears and limiting beliefs and then empowering you to create a strategy that allows you to thrive and to make balance, self-compassion and abundance the pillars of your life.


What my clients are saying

"Coaching helped me more than I thought it would to begin with. Some moments were quite enlightening for me, just having Annamaria to bounce my thoughts off and her relaying it back to me made me see things that I couldn’t see on my own. It always felt like my personal time for me, and that Annamaria was purely there for me in a positive way.”

- Lucy, Wedding Photographer & Interior Designer -


“I feel the coaching sessions have provided me with a shift in thinking, which I so needed. The sessions helped me to build confidence and believe in myself and what I am doing.” 

- Olga, Comedian & Actress -

“Regular coaching enabled me to come back on track and keep focus.  After every session I gained clarity and once I was clear on what I would do it enabled me to take action and quickly turn things around to be back on track.  I found it uplifting to overcome negativity by feeling positive, motivated and ready to work to achieve the session goals.”

- Lynn, Writer

Let's have a chat to find out more about what you are looking for and to see if we are on the same wavelength.
45 min

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