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Building and growing your own empire often times means you wear many hats at the same time and stretch into multiple directions in order to move forward. Unless you are a lucky member of the "overnight success club", chances are it has been taking some time to move your business one step further. Now, even the happiest unicorns might loose track sometimes and feel like the next big thing will never going to happen.

Before we dive into any further details, I invite you to stop for a moment here and consider the following:

  • What is your mind chatter like?

  • What words and expressions do you use when talking to yourself (FYI, we all do it, you're not alone)?

  • Would you use your general self chatter tone with a friend or client?

We all have ups and downs occasionally, however our mindset is not the same as being in a certain mood. Coming from a positive mindset is also not equal with being delusional or unrealistic. Quite the opposite.

An empowering mindset means being aware of yourself, your current situation and consciously deciding to make the most out of it.

It's how you are there for yourself and what you think you can be, have or do. I'm sure you've heard of mindset before, might even have great quotes on one of your Pinterest boards. But here is why this is an essential element of not only your personal life but your business as well.

What you think creates emotions. These emotions lead to certain choices and actions (or lack of actions for that matter - does procrastination ring a bell?). Your actions then form various patterns and habits, which all lead to your lifestyle and in the case of your business, the culture of it, how you serve and show up for your clients.

Without an empowering mindset you cannot set healthy boundaries, therefore you will likely lean towards people pleasing, taking on too much, saying "yes" to tasks, projects you really don't have the energy or time for. Coming from this internal space you won't be able to offer a consistent service or live up to the business woman you desire to be.

So, where do we start or re-configure if you've been stuck in a loop? How can we create a strong foundation for an empowering mindset?

1. Pin down your WHYs

Once you know exactly what drives you it will help you through difficulties, because it gives you purpose. Establishing the reason behind your whole business will keep your mindset optimistic and open. When you are in a rut, pulling your hair out having lost perception, remind yourself why you started your fabulous business in the first place.

Here are some of the key things to consider:

  • What do you love most about your business?

  • What inspired you to start it in the first place?

  • Big or small, how are you changing the world (one client at a time)?

  • What are you working on that will matter years on now?

2. Create a vision board

Help your brain to improve your mindset by giving it something empowering to focus on. Something that makes you want to wake up every day, that pushes you beyond your expired comfort zone and helps you to deliver the promise you've made to your CEO self and your customers.

Use images, quotes, Pinterest, magazine cut outs or old pictures, just make sure your board is visible and gives you butterflies in your stomach when glancing at it (like a good lover would do).

3. Use affirmations

When that you established your Why's and have a clear vision, set yourself up for success by feeding your mind good thoughts. Now, there's a difference between forcing it and resonating with it.

Create powerful affirmations from your negative thoughts. Catch them when they occur and ask yourself what would the opposite of that be. Let's say you keep thinking you are not good enough. You could replace this thought by one that says:

" I am learning every day and becoming more and more competent in my field. All my clients are seeking something that I am already capable of giving and doing."

Do you see where I'm going with this? Once you have a few of these affirmations, recite them until you know them by heart, write them down, say them out loud, sing if it makes you feel better. Own them, for they will create an empowering mindset and enable you to do amazing things.

4. Break it down

You don't have to conquer the whole world in a week, it's easier if you allocate smaller bits to tackle at any one time. Don't worry, in the long run, these will all add up to the whole picture and before you know it, you'll be there - thanks to your kick ass mindset.

Why bother, you might ask. The reason is called the mighty amygdala. This part of your brain is responsible for the "fight or flight or freeze" effect, and controls your fear (amongst other emotions). So, the idea is to trick this little fella and instead of freaking it (and therefore yourself) out with a seemingly impossible and endless to-do list, we want it to get used to little, but consistent changes.

The way to do it is by setting smaller chunks of goals and aspirations in order to avoid overwhelm, unconstructive stress and procrastination.

So, when you know what it is you want, break it down by asking yourself:

  • What various things/areas will you need to focus on?

  • In which of these areas is it most important to your business to make progress first?

  • Focusing on that specific area, where are you now?

  • What is one thing you can do now / every day to enable you to pull it off?

As a bonus, short term accomplishments will boost your confidence and keep you moving towards those bigger, longer term achievements.

5. Feel the glory of the here and now AKA gratitude

I can't stress enough how important this is.

Being aware of the good stuff that already exists is an essential ingredient of the empowering mindset recipe.

I'm sure you've heard before that you create what you focus on and by now this phrase has been massively commercialised, but it doesn't take away its worth (if you don't trust me just google "reticular activating system" located in the brain, which pretty much acts like Instagram's algorithm and gives you a more scientific and logical explanation on gratitude).

Having said that, keep a gratitude journal for your business and write it down every day. From the smallest tasks done to the biggest achievements ever, jot them down to open yourself up for even more business opportunities and fabulous clients.

I trust this list helps you tap into your growing mindset and that by doing these little exercises consistently you will create empowering changes in the way you think of yourself and manage your business.

For more support, join the FAB WMN CIRCLE closed group on Facebook, follow me on Instagram or come to my monthly online meet up. To further explore your mindset, boundaries and how you can benefit from coaching book a free discovery call HERE.

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