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Sacred Boundaries

Sacred boundaries are about saying YES to our worth and honouring our Higher Self. For me they are just as essential in my personal life as in the ways I show up and hold space for my clients. By honouring my sacred boundaries I am also honouring your unique being and needs.

  • Self care and self compassion come first.

  • Access to my time and energy is a privilege and I expect it to be mutually respected.

  • Paying for my services is an energy exchange and sacred commitment, NOT something optional.

  • I am 100% committed to my clients, to their desires, goals and I'm here to serve them and hold space for them.

  • I am not here to take responsibility for or manipulate anybody into certain decisions, just like I'm not here to save anybody.

  • My experiences and knowledge are my current truth, not the ultimate truth or the only way of doing/being.

  • While I share many aspects of my inner world and insights online, it is not an invitation for unsolicited advise, any kind of judgement nor grants entitlement to unearned intimacy.

  • I allow myself to make mistakes, to not be right and to change my mind and views.

  • My worth does not equal with how much I do or push myself.

  • I do not subscribe to toxic positivity or "high vibes" only.

  • I welcome the culturally shadow banned dark archetypes just as much as the light ones. My intention is to embrace the human wholeness.

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