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Human Design for You
(or your child)

Human Design is a beautiful super system combining science and spirituality to inform you about the essence of your being and your life.

It is the road to meet yourself and the key to your Inner Power.

It shows you where in your life you are prone to sufferings & conditionings, therefore in need of healthier boundaries, how to navigate through life in alignment with your authentic self, how to make decisions and how to use your energy in a sustainable and compassionate way.

Whether you focus on yourself or explore it in relation to your child, Human Design will empower you to step into the wholeness of your Inner Power as a woman (and a Mama).

Areas we will

Your Good Girl narratives

There can be so much conditioning around how we "should" be and behave as girls, women, mothers. Exploring these narratives will enable you to identify what's your innate truth and what needs to be unlearned. Your Human Design aura type, strategy and authority will inform and empower you to do this.

Your Boundaries

Part of being a Good Girl is about the need to be needed and the belief that you should be of service 24/7. By exploring your Human Design centres you will learn where in your life to set healthier boundaries in order to protect your time and energy and also to create a sustainable way of being, working and parenting.

Mothering your child

When you include a reading for your child, we will explore their Human Design in comparison to yours. This will give you an idea of their innate nature and how best you can serve and mother them while staying true to your own needs and desires. It will empower you to be a more aligned and compassionate Mama.

Other potential
"Aha" moments
  • Realizing who you are without the world telling you who to be

  • Reassurance in your self and potential

  • Improving your relationship with yourself and others

  • Making better decisions for yourself (and your child)

  • Starting to prioritize your needs and desires

  • Letting go of guilt and pressure

  • Being more at peace 

  • Reframing fears and limiting beliefs

  • Creating a new approach to life (and parenting)

About this

This offer is focusing on Human Design and while it has some coaching elements, it is not a coaching offer. 

Sessions are available in an audio recording format or as a live 1:1.

If you book multiple Human Design sessions, you can either use them entirely for yourself or in combination with a reading for your child (either way, the first session will be about your design only).

Anchor HD booking form


audio reading


  • 1 x audio recording (up to 60min) 

  • Audio support via Telegram for three working days, where I will answer your questions and give more tips on integrating your Human Design

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from others
Kind words

"Annamaria has such a calming, grounding presence that instantly puts you at ease. Through human design she helped me return to myself, what's right for me and to work within my design which is very different to that I see from others in the online space."

Sarah Tombs, Calm & Inner Confidence Coach

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