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Private Coaching

"You are the best thing that could ever happen to you!"

You are the reason you are here. To experience, to love, to grow, to be every possible version of yourself. The ones society celebrates AND the ones it shames.

You are here to shine your inner power through, to express your truth and to say a HELL NO to "shoulds" so that you can shout a FUCK YES to everything that you desire and truly matter to you.

The most important relationship you'll ever have is the one with yourself. Start it here, start it now. Where you are. It's always a good place to start at.

The "Good Girl" narrative is a lie...

... robbing you of your wholeness, your magic and your life.

Women are conditioned to believe so many self & soul destroying things about themselves, and the world. It involves lots of courage, awareness and patience to unlearn these and can take a long time.

Once you start recognising all the limitations of the "shoulds" and "musts", you gradually discover your own truth and your desire to exist beyond what you have been trained to be/do/have. Healthy boundaries will naturally follow. Life will become a flow instead of a force.

On this beautiful journey you will need a dash of self compassion, fearless honesty with yourself and consistent integration.

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My part in YOUR story is to...

... facilitate YOUR discovery of who you are without the world telling you who to be and what you desire to create for yourself and your fabulous life.


I do this with a holistic approach by deep diving into your Human Design, helping you explore your values and boundary leaks, identifying & releasing fears that have been blocking you, improving your mind & bodyset, and mentoring you on how to empower yourself on a daily bases.

Areas we will explore

Your Vision

Setting the tone and the intention for your journey by deep diving into your vision & desires, your WHY and your Higher Self.

Your Essence

Initiating you into your Human Design, exploring your innate nature, the core of your authentic self. You will learn how to use your essence to make aligned decisions in life, business and/or parenting.

Your Feminine

Learning about cyclical living and productivity, discovering the inherent wisdom of your body and exploring the balancing act of the Masculine and the Feminine.

Your Truth

Exploring your values, "Good Girl" narratives, fears and starting the unlearning process.

Your Boundaries

Deep diving into healthy boundaries through the lens of your Human Design. You will learn how to take better care of yourself without guilt, and to communicate with compassion.

Your Inner Power

Integrating your Fierce, Authentic and Balanced self into everyday life. It is about reflecting on your journey and celebrating YOU.

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Coaching with me is for YOU if:

  • you are ready to show up for yourself in ways you haven't before

  • you are willing to invest time and energy into your magical self

  • you desire to step into your Inner Power and fall back into love with your life

  • you are ready to trust yourself and express your wholeness

  • you are brave enough to surrender to the unknown of this journey

  • you are open to receive the highest possible good into your life

  • you feel called to be Fierce, Authentic and Balanced

This is NOT for you if:

  • you wish to remain the same, living the same life, experiencing the same things all over again

  • you believe life is happening to you and you have no influence to change it

  • you are looking for a quick solution or a copy-paste "life template"

  • you are at a stage where you would need therapy instead of coaching

  • you are full of excuses about  "why you cannot do this"

  • you are not ready to be fearlessly honest with yourself

  • you are resistant to self exploration and to receiving feedback and guidance

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What will you get?

  • 6x75 min online fortnightly coaching sessions exploring the areas mentioned above, while also ensuring this journey is unique to your challenges and particular needs & desires

  • Human Design reading(s) - going as deep as YOU want

  • Telegram support in between sessions

  • Resources and recommendations

  • Session recordings

  • Personalized rituals and integration exercises

This program is a 12-week private 1-on-1 container. Your investment towards a more harmonious life and grounded mothering is currently £750. Payment plans to suit your personal situation are available and can be discussed during the free connection call.

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Maja Gasparik, Singer & Mama of two

"Annamaria is like the lighthouse to the captain! So many supressed things came to the surface during coaching and enabled me to express my myself. I  started to surrender to my emotions, to understand myself better and to build resilience and self awareness."

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